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Darkside- Self-Titled ep

  Lets be forward here, the last thing the music industry needs is another guitar and electronic dynamic duo based out of New York City.  That horse left the gate long ago, most of the time being performed with little to no substance, and usual served as a soundtrack to some Williamsburg loft meat market dance party that you got unwillingly dragged out to.  So how is it that electronic producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington managed to catch my attention with their newest project Darkside?  It turns out this twosome are all about creating and capturing brooding dark atmospherics on their newest self-titled ep.

  The downtempo/minimalism of electronics through synth lines, tape loops, reverb layered vocals, and triggered drum patterns all compliment the funk inspired bass and guitar lines on this ep.  This approach allows Darkside to deliver and captivate the listener with ethereal moods through their songwriting.  It becomes easy to lose sight that this supposed to be a short introduction of a new artist, and you are instead transported into a sensual nocturnal world full of confidence and swagger.  Although the ep is brief, it would be fascinating to see if Darkside could hold that same type of cerebral mysticism when it comes time to release a full-length effort.


Darkside’s “Self-Titled” ep shows promise to a genre that has gone through the ringer and leaves the listener with a craving for more.  You can follow this artist through their Facebook, purchase this ep through Juno Records, or stream the entire ep below:

DARKSIDE - DARKSIDE EP by Clown & Sunset

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