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James Blake- Self Titled

  Dubstep music is awful.  I was going to build up to this, but I figured it would be more effective if I just came flat out and said it.  I’m sick of these so-called “Producers” that create shitty over-processed “canned cheese” music.  With that said, it should be no surprise that when I heard the buzz circling the 22 year old mastermind Dubstep/Songwriter James Blake, I was skeptical and slept on his “Self-Titled” release.  I guess that was the older-jaded musician in me rearing its ugly head, but I’ll be the first to admit that I made a mistake.


  The best part about James Blake is that he uses dubstep elements to help add extra layers to his soulful singer/songwriter foundation.  He’s at his best on this record when the core of his songwriting is basic piano and vocal melodies that are electronically tampered with in a tasteful fashion.  Tinny drum and bass, vocoder/auto-tuned vocal patterns, and synthesizer keyboard lines all contribute to the albums mood of loneliness, desperation, heartbreak, and despair.


  I tip my hat at James Blake’s “Self-Titled” release, and hope that this release inspires more artists find other creative ways to showcase Dubstep.  You can follow this artist on Facebook, purchase this album through Rough Trade, or listen to a track below.